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The toys is one of the beautiful poems composed by Conventry Patmore. He was born in London in 1823. He had a religious bend of mind deeply associated with the everyday happenings of life. His publications are the angel in the House and The Unknown Eros and other Odes. He died in 1896.



The poem conveys the idea of mercy of God through an incident in the poet’s house. The verse of this poem is different from other poems. The lines are even and are rhymed in an irregular manner.



One night, the poet scolded his son for disobeying and talking in loud voice. The child went quietly to his bedroom with a gloomy heart. After sometime, the poet realized that he had made a mistake as his son was lonely and his mother had died. No one was there to cheer him up.


The poet went into his son’s bedroom thinking that his child must be weeping and trying to sleep. But when he enters the room, he saw the boy calmly sleeping in bed. The poet noticed marks of tears on his cheeks. He also saw some toys neatly arranged on a table besides his son, which were kept to comfort the sad heart. The sight of the room was very uncomfortable for the poet. He felt sorry for his attitude and learnt the importance of toys for the child.


The poet was inspired by the whole incident. He kissed his son and cleared the tears in his eyes. He understood that God loves his fellow men more than a father loves his son. Then why should not God forgive the people who commit mistakes? He also realized that as the toys were of no importance to him, this world has no worth before God. We only console our hearts by the beauty of this world. This thought gave the poet a new hope. He prayed all night with the feeling that God is merciful and would forgive him.



We should forgive the mistakes of the people and live with a friendly atmosphere. God is merciful on us and he forgives those people who forgive the mistakes of human being.


Let me be a little kindness, let me be a little blinder tothe faiths of those around me.



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